Crystal Grid Meditation


Nourishment is not always about filling up. Nurturing does not always entail constant replenishing. We so often assume that more is better. We pat ourselves on the back for even the tiniest bit extra energy saved for a rainy day, and such a sentiment is quite often as it should be. But such excess for reserve must have some place to be held, and for that we must nurture ourselves through cleansing, clearing and release. We must dust out and sweep clean the inner reaches of our spirit. Seek out those strategically hidden cobwebs and relinquish them along with all of the negative power that they have to manipulate, darken or completely blind you to your truth. Polish and shine the true diamond that is that truth, your deepest soul desire, your most beautiful gift to yourself and the Universe. Once the old and tired is released, the new and nourishing has space to stretch its wings within you and take flight. Simplify, cleanse, then welcome and ring in the new with Carollite in Feldspar, Pink Calcite, Clear Calcite, Quartz, Mica, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Flat Opal and Angel Quartz.


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