Crystal Grid Meditation


How can you care for others when you shirk your responsibilities to yourself? How can you change the world for the better when you dig in your heels at any shift negative or positive in your own being? How can you teach when you are unwilling to learn the difficult lessons that life presents you? Mistrust arises most strongly when we are dishonest with ourselves. Lies manifest most readily when we tell them to ourselves long enough for them to feel like truths. When your belief in yourself is rooted in a bed of falsehoods, the fruit of that planting will be withered from the start. When that belief is grounded in a balanced understanding of reality, an unidealized knowledge based in truth and faith in your own ability to recognize that truth, the bounty of the garden of your mind and heart are limitless and overflowing. If you take the path of deceit, you will suffer for it alongside those you have wronged tenfold. If you choose the path of compassion and empathy, you will experience joy in proportions that can overcome any negative aspect of that choice. You will experience overwhelming light. The kind that blocks out pain and suffering with its brilliance and persists beyond time, beyond this life, beyond all you can see and hear and touch. See beyond the parameters of your small imperfect being and choose this joy, this brilliant compassionate light. Love yourself and love the Universe with Ocean Jasper, Hemimorphite, Quartz in Hematite, Rhodochrosite, Bismuth, Angel Quartz, Citrine and Rose Quartz.



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