Gaia Garden – Late Summer


Lotus flowers in the Gaia garden pond 
Lotus flowers in the Gaia garden pond 

As many of you gardeners know, it is a joy to watch the progression of growth over the spring and summer seasons.  For the past two weeks we’ve had very hot weather and very little to no rain.  Our garden, which is pretty much always in direct sunlight, was definitely feeling the effects of the heat.  In mid-July we put in an irrigation drip system that can attach to our rainwater tank and is able to use a gravity pull to bring water to the beds without needing a pump.  A couple of days ago our rainwater harvesting tank was almost completely empty due to the lack of rainfall.  When I hooked up the hose to the tank on Saturday water was barely dripping out! Then two days ago, late at night, the rain finally came! Since then we’ve had a bit of rain every day and we can tell the plants are very happy!  

Enjoy this slideshow of recent shots of the Gaia Natural Dye & Fiber Garden.  Some highlights:

Indigo plants are flowering
Indigo plants are flowering

– A few of the indigo plants we started from seeds have really been taking off.  The indigo plants have very pretty, small, bright pinkish/purple flowers.

-The cotton plants we started from seed this spring have also been shooting up, especially the ones we planted along the little creek near our studio. 

-Our water plants in the pond are thriving and have pretty much completely covered the water surface and the lotus flowers are stunning! 

-Our eucalyptus plants that we got as starters from the Greensboro Farmers Market this spring have been growing and are beautiful.  In another year or so we’ll start using clipping from these plants for packaging the garments that we send to you! 



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