Nourish – Citrusy Facial Spritz


I am currently housesitting/dogsitting for my sister Andrea, Gaia Conceptions creator and designer.  When I change my living environment, my skin tends to breakout.  I don’t know if it’s the subtle variation in the climate of a new space, or if it’s the stress of being out of my usual element, but I do know that the one thing that seems to get me back to clear skin is this citrusy facial spritz.  The Meyer Lemons that are currently bearing fruit on my sister’s front porch are also an inspiration to utilize something in season to create this refreshing, yummy smelling spritz.  Here is what you’ll need….

  1. 4 oz. distilled water
  2. 1 drop of lemon essential oil
  3. 1 drop of wild orange essential oil
  4. 1 drop of grapefruit essential oil
  5. 1 drop of rosemary essential oil

Just mix all of the ingredients together in some kind of spray bottle.  I used the cute perfume bottle you see in the photos.  You should make sure that the water you use is distilled.  You want to avoid any additives that might be contained in your tap water, as this might have the opposite effect, creating blemishes instead of preventing them.  As always, I used doTerra essential oils.  I have oily skin, and this spritz works really great for my skin type.  The grapefruit helps to regulate overactive oil glands, and the rosemary helps eliminate blemishes.  You can make this spritz even more astringent by cutting the water with witch hazel (2 oz. distilled water & 2 oz. witch hazel).  The aroma is also a great energizer in the early morning and throughout the day.  Making a facial spritz like this one is a very simple way to add moisture and toning to your skincare regimen.  You can experiment with other types of floral oils and even herbal teas to create your own spritz concoction.  Let me know if you liked this one, or, what fun recipes you came up with on your own.  And, remember, take a little time to nourish your body, your mind, yourself!

♥ Julie



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