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If verdant natural paths shaded by ivy covered ancient oaks, time-worn stone bridges that still allow you passage over a babbling stream, and stately old homes are your thing…then Fisher Park in Greensboro, NC is the spot for you to take your next excursion in the South.  Not too far from the Gaia Studio and Nomad Boutique, where I took my first walk as the Southern Nomad, is one of the most lovely old gems you can find in Greensboro.  It was a warm (but not swelteringly hot), overcast day, and I wanted to look a little posh for my walk through this upscale hood, so I chose the Love-me-2-times Wanderer Pant in Midnight, Organic Cotton Knit and layered it with the super flattering Bombay Banded Blouse in Natural, Light Hemp.  I must have looked pretty fly in it, because a guy actually slowed down in his car to check me out! 😉

Walking through this densely wooded locale reminds me of one of the reasons why I love the South so dearly…just how lush and green everything is, especially this time of year.  I can remember when flying back for a visit from graduate school out West, I would look out of the window upon descent and all that green always made me feel like I was really home again.  A friend of mine from Nebraska once told me that the South freaked her out because there were so many trees.  “Too many places for someone to hide and then jump out and get you!”  I quickly replied that I felt uncomfortable in the prairie, for the exact opposite reason…”Too exposed!  No where to hide away if someone is trying to get you!”  I’m not sure what kind of paranoia problems my friend and I are experiencing that makes us think people are out to get us…but I think it just goes to show you what is culturally comforting, and Fisher Park is full of Southern comfort and charm.

The park is split in half, East and West, by N. Elm st.  I started out on the East side with Marcel, the standard poodle/Gaia Conceptions mascot you see in the photos.  I made sure to look for mushrooms, as there are many different varieties in this area this time of year.  We were caught in a little drizzle, but it was actually quite pleasant, and my Gaia gear held up nicely in the weather.  The best way to explore this park is slowly.  Take your time and explore all of the hidden alcoves and break-away paths that lead across one of the little stone bridges, or up to the street, where you can marvel at some of the most beautiful old homes in the state.  This neighborhood really gives you a sense of what the old South might have looked like, with pretty hydrangeas, azaleas, and crape myrtles that are still in bloom.  You can cross over N. Elm st. to go to the West side of the park, which is slightly larger and offers some great little spots to sit by the stream and hope for a fairy encounter….seriously…this place looks like some fairies live here, ya’ll.

I dropped Marcel off at the house and went for a bite to eat at the Iron Hen Cafe, which is just West of the park on the corner of Parkway ave. and Wendover ave.  I love this place, because the food is great, the service is great, the signature cocktails are great, and the atmosphere is welcoming and quaint.  I ate lunch here, but they have excellent breakfast and supper menus, as well, so any time of day that you are exploring the area is a good time to drop in.  I asked my server what her favorite thing on the menu was and she promptly replied, “The Whole Grain Hash.”  I ordered a plate of it….delicious….with a glass of pinot grigio…refreshing!  Be sure to save room for cake, as they always have a few homemade varieties to choose from.  I ordered a slice of strawberry with chocolate icing to go…yum!!!!  They source much of their ingredients from local farmers and manufacturers, which is always a good thing, as well.  I hope ya’ll get a chance to explore this little-known jewel in Greensboro, NC.  Until next time…remember to listen to your inner nomad and explore the universe one step at a time.

♥ Julie



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